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What Does it Take to Thrive as an Entrepreneur?

Fifteen years ago, CEOs and founders were not considered “cool” enough; they were thought of as boring and bland. Fast forward to 2018 and entrepreneurship is the next best thing, and for good reason. The road to starting your own business and being successful at it, however, is full of twists and turns. Here are five tips that will make the journey a bit easy.

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A health plan that's cheaper but much riskier than standard health insurance

Every year, millions of people have to make decisions about the kind of care they need. During the 2018 annual enrollment, for example, nearly 11.8 million people signed up or were automatically enrolled through the ACA. But another choice, known as a short-term health plan, is much cheaper and designed to appeal to younger, healthier people, or people of any age who want to save money. Unlike ACA plans, you can sign up for them throughout the year.

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This repayment hack could help you knock out credit-card debt faster

Consumers paid off more of their monthly credit card balance — and whittled down big debts faster — when given the chance to target specific purchases on their statement for repayment, compared to when only offered typical repayment options such as making the minimum payment. In other words, instead of plunking down the minimum $50, you might nix all your Uber rides, that new pair of sneakers and last week's happy hour tab.