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Habitual Generosity: Why Giving More Can Mean Getting More Thumbnail

Habitual Generosity: Why Giving More Can Mean Getting More

As a wealth advisor with years of experience guiding clients toward financial success, I've seen firsthand how the principles of influence and generosity can transform lives. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is the act of giving—habitual generosity that enriches others and fortifies your own position. This isn't about manipulation but creating genuine value and fostering reciprocal relationships that benefit everyone involved.

The Power of Adding Value

Influence is not just about getting others to do what you want; it's about aligning their interests with yours through mutual benefit. The most successful individuals, notably the self-made Super Rich, understand this dynamic well. They know that to wield influence effectively, one must first offer value. This aligns with the law of reciprocity—a powerful social rule encouraging people to return favors and acts of kindness.

Consider this: when you help someone solve a problem or achieve a goal, they are more likely to feel obligated to assist you. This reciprocal relationship can be incredibly beneficial in both business and personal contexts.

Discovering What Others Value

The first step in leveraging habitual generosity is understanding what others find valuable. This involves a process of discovery where you make the other person the center of your attention. You can uncover their needs, desires, and obstacles by asking insightful questions and genuinely listening to their responses.

For example, a simple question like, "Tell me about your business," can open the door to deeper insights. Follow-up questions such as, "Can you tell me more about that?" encourage them to share more detailed information. This ongoing discovery process, informed by empathy and deep listening, helps you stay attuned to their evolving needs.

Delivering Value Effectively

Once you understand the other person's values, you can find ways to add value to their lives. This could be through:

  • Personally solving a problem they face.
  • Introducing them to someone who can help them.
  • Sharing your expertise and experiences to guide them through challenges.

It's essential to be explicit about the value you bring. There's no need for subtlety here—being open about your intentions and how you can help creates a transparent and trustworthy relationship.

Building a Habit of Generosity

Make it a regular practice to harness the power of habitual generosity. This doesn't mean you must make grand gestures that consume much time. Instead, focus on small, consistent actions—"five-minute favors." These could be:

  • Sharing an exciting piece of knowledge with a contact.
  • Introducing two people who could benefit from knowing each other.
  • Pointing out a minor issue, like a broken link on someone's website.

These small acts of generosity can accumulate over time, creating a network of eager people to reciprocate your kindness.


Incorporating habitual generosity into your daily routine can significantly enhance your influence and create a supportive community around you. By focusing on adding value to others' lives, you help them achieve their goals and position yourself as a valuable and influential presence in their network.

Remember, influence rooted in genuine generosity and reciprocity is more ethical, sustainable, and rewarding in the long run. Start today with a simple five-minute favor, and watch as your influence grows and your relationships strengthen.

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