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Responding to a Lawsuit Thumbnail

Responding to a Lawsuit

In the intricate world of wealth management, facing a lawsuit can be an unsettling prospect, particularly for those with substantial assets. As a seasoned wealth advisor, I have witnessed how the Super Rich – individuals with net worths exceeding $500 million – navigate these legal challenges with strategic finesse. Here, I share insights and strategies crucial for anyone looking to safeguard their wealth in the face of potential litigation.

Understanding the Litigious Landscape

The United States is notably one of the most litigious societies globally. Regardless of their lawsuit's validity, anyone can be a target, particularly those with significant wealth or business ownership. This heightened risk demands a proactive approach to asset protection, a strategy commonly adopted by the rich to shield their assets from future lawsuits and creditors legally.

The Limitations of Asset Protection Strategies

While asset protection is a critical component of wealth management, it is possible. These strategies must be in place before any lawsuit can be effective. Post-lawsuit actions to protect assets are likely to be nullified by the courts. Despite these measures, the risk of litigation remains, and the outcome of such cases can be uncertain, regardless of one's wealth and the strategies employed.

Coordinating a Team Response

When faced with legal challenges, the super-rich often turn to a team of professionals led by a litigation problem-solver. This coordinator, usually a lawyer, is adept at negotiation and litigation and is equipped with a network of influential relationships and resources. The goal is to avoid litigation through negotiation, leveraging facts, leverage, and understanding each party's motivations.

The Internal and External Assessment

Upon facing a lawsuit, a detailed internal and external assessment is crucial. This involves scenario analysis to understand the impact of the lawsuit on personal, family, and business fronts. Additionally, a deep dive into the motives, resources, and potential consequences for the suing party is essential for informed negotiation and defense strategies.

Updating an Asset Protection Plan

Post-litigation, it's common to reassess and enhance existing asset protection plans. This involves identifying weaknesses, strengthening safeguards, and preparing for future scenarios. The Super Rich often stress-test their plans against various litigation scenarios to ensure robust defense.

Finding the Right Help

Access to competent litigation problem-solvers, often through referrals from top wealth managers, is crucial. Though less known publicly, these professionals are increasingly available to affluent individuals beyond the super-rich category.


As a preeminent wealth advisor, I understand that facing a lawsuit can be a daunting experience. However, one can navigate these challenges effectively with strategic planning, expert coordination, and robust asset protection strategies. If you are in such a situation, seeking advice from an elite wealth manager can be a pivotal first step in safeguarding your assets and peace of mind.

VFO Inner Circle Special Report by John J. Bowen Jr. is a comprehensive resource for understanding these strategies in greater depth. However, it's crucial to consult with professional advisors for personalized advice.

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